Service Provision

We provide evidence based nutrition assessment, advice and dietary education to inpatients and out-patients. The service exists to improve the health and wellbeing of the patient by appropriate nutritional intervention and also to provide advice for health professionals.


9 outpatient clinics per week for children and adults, both medical and surgical.
Coeliac clinics.
Cardiac rehab talks and shopping trips.
Group sessions for cardiac and diabetes patients including newly diagnosed diabetes patients.
Ongoing in-patient assessments.
Patient assessments:
   o Assessment of nutritional status and nutritional requirements and implementation of appropriate plan of care.
   o Clinical nutrition therapy i.e. manipulation of normal diet.
   o Clinical nutrition support i.e. food supplements, enteral (tube), parenteral (i.v.) feeding.
   o Monitoring progress and evaluating outcome of the intervention.
   o Assisting in establishing a diagnosis.
   o Patient Nutrition education.
Advisory role to various groups e.g. interdisciplinary teams, catering & non-hospital groups e.g. national patient associations.
Nutrition education of other health professionals.
Nutrition in health promotion e.g. Healthy Eating Week staff health days.
Developing educational materials and diet sheets

Typical Reasons patient is seen by a dietitian

Diabetes, Cholesterol, Constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac disease. Inflammatory Bowel, Disease - Ulcerative, Colitis/ Crohn's Disease, Weight Loss, Weight Gain. Cancer, Allergies, Tube feeding (NG/PEG), IV feeding, Swallowing difficulties.

Hours of Service

Working hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm


Contacts: Staff
Nutrition and Dietetic Department,
South Tipperary General Hospital,
Western Road,
Co. Tipperary.
1 Nutrition and Dietetics Manager
3 Senior Dietitians
1 receptionist (shared with Diabetes Department)
1 secretary (part-time)

Secretary/ receptionist Mary Taylor
Telephone: (052) 6177377
Responsible for booking all out-patient appointments.

Secretary Caroline Moore
Telephone: (052) 6177364

Manager Sareen Walsh Bleep 219
Telephone: (052) 6177305

Email: Paediatric & Diabetes
Senior Dietitians: Telephone: (052)6177365
Viva Phelan - Bleep 353 - Surgical, Oncology & ICU patients
Barbara Johnson - Bleep 288 - Elderly patients
Sinead O'Sullivan - Bleep 289 - Cardiac patients
Grainne O'Connell - No bleep - outpatients

How to access our service

General Outpatient consultations are made by appointment only and appointments are available to patients referred by the medical doctors, a specialist nurse or other Allied Health Professionals in the hospital (i.e. physiotherapist/Speech and Language Therapist/Occupational Therapist). No community referrals are accepted i.e. from GPs / Public Health Nurses. A community dietetic service is available separately through Primary Care Teams.
Outpatient Clinics run from 9.00a.m. 4.30p.m

Useful Links

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Dublin Institute of Technology
Trinity College Dublin
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